United Fresh Grassroots Toolkit

United Fresh is proud to advocate on behalf of the fresh produce industry. But you are the key to achieving our shared goals and increasing our effectiveness. Continuous year-round advocating efforts at home make all the difference on Capitol Hill. This site is here to empower you and your company to become actively involved in the political process and help build a strong voice for produce. Use these resources to experience exciting ways to get involved here in Washington, at your desk or out in the field. Decide how you and your company want to participate, and take the first step to lending your voice to key issues.

Invite Your Members of Congress to Your Operation

One of the best ways to learn about our industry is an operation tour. Demonstrate how federal policies and regulations affect your business to resonate better with Members of Congress and their staff. This is a great way to build strong relationships and showcase your critical role in the supply chain.

Contact Elected Officials

Contact your Members of Congress on critical issues quickly and easily using this site and our built-in social media.

Attend the Washington Conference

Be a part of the ONLY event where the entire fresh produce industry comes together to advocate for a more profitable business future. While each participant brings a unique perspective from their own segment of the produce supply chain, our whole industry comes together to support a common purpose.

Elect and Keep Pro-Produce Congress

Learn more about United FreshPAC.

Who, What, Where, When and Why of Fresh

The power of fresh is strengthened when your United Fresh policy team is able to share our industries footprint with elected leaders. Help us, help you. Take advocacy to the next level; share your connections with key political leaders, operation addresses, dates when you will be in Washington, DC, and any notes from meetings.

Join The Power of Fresh Team!

Be a vital fresh produce advocate today! Sign up here to receive United Fresh Grassroots Action Alerts. Your voice, combined with thousands of fresh produce advocates across the country, is needed to support our issues.

District Meetings & Local Events

Advocacy shouldn’t be something that only takes place in Washington, D.C. Members of Congress are home frequently. Schedule a meeting, attend or host a local event for legislators and staff who will be in the state and district.

Power of Fresh Fund

The Power of Fresh Fund provides an opportunity for your company to support critical grassroots education and outreach on the many policy issues we face.

Election Center

Our system of government has served as a model for democracies around the world. Even so, only 57% of those eligible in the United States regularly use its most powerful tool: the right to vote. Translation? Only about half of us decide who will represent all of us. 

United Fresh Government Relations Community

Staying up-to-date on important policy and regulatory actions in Washington, D.C., is easy for United Fresh members. Emails are sent by Robert Guenther, Senior Vice President, Public Policy and the public policy team for United Fresh.

Food for Thought - Share Your Story

We want to hear your personal story so we can work with the Administration and Congress to find effective solutions. Simply provide a brief description here.

Fresh Produce to Congress Program

Showcase Fresh! Sign up today to give the United team the ability to immediately bring fresh fruits and veggies to key events in DC.