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The U.S. fresh fruit and vegetable industry is in crisis due to an ever-worsening shortage of labor. There is a critical need to reform our broken immigration system and help build a legal and reliable workforce. Take Action!

Food Safety

There is no more important issue for the produce industry today than the safety of our food. There are a few key issues that warrant focused attention. Take Action!


Child Nutrition Reauthorization efforts have begun. Share our industry priorities with your Members of Congress. Take Action!


Provide greater certainty for the fresh produce industry and maintain important markets. Take Action!


The fresh fruit and vegetable industry is highly dependent on an efficient transportation system. Tell congress how the infrastructure system impacts your business. Take Action!

Specialty Crop Caucus

Help us strengthen the fresh fruit and vegetable community’s voice on Capitol Hill, ask your member of Congress to join the House Specialty Crops Caucus. Take Action!

Social media amplifies many of the issues we take action on. To learn more about our social media activity click here .

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