"I want to be sigificant, relevant to the times, the people to myself. If we aren't the world moves past us."

Tony Freytag
Chairman, United FreshPAC Advisory Committee
Executive Vice President
Crunch Pak, Cashmere, WA

United FreshPAC is one of the most important political tools available to strengthen our member’s voices on Capitol Hill through political donations to the election campaigns of members of Congress.

When we join together with our peers to pool our contributions, we show that the industry truly committed to supporting those in line with industry priorities. I personally support United FreshPAC. Our combined support will be much more effective to accomplish our political objectives and make a difference.

As Chairman of the PAC advisory committee I work to share with the industry information about the PAC such as…

United Fresh PAC is

  • Bi-Partisan
  • Transparent of who we support
  • 100% of the funds go towards supporting federal candidates

Grassroots engagement and political action committees go hand and hand. Each program complements each other.

Catching up with fellow Washingtonian Rep. Dan Newhouse of the House Appropriations Committee
Developing relationships with Rep. Jimmy Panetta and Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta at the annual United FreshPAC dinner

I want to be sigificant, relevant to the times, the people to myself. If we arent the world moves past us.
–Tony Freytag

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