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Meet your United FreshPAC Advisory Committee and hear what they think about the #PowerOfFreshPAC










Meet your advisory committee members and hear what they think about the #PowerOfFreshPAC

"United FreshPAC is one of the most important political tools available to strengthen our member’s voices on Capitol Hill through political donations to the election campaigns of members of Congress. PAC contributions to individual candidates show that the industry is willing to put its money where its mouth is, and it is truly committed to supporting those in line with industry priorities"
Tony Freytag, Chairman, United FreshPAC Advisory Committee
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Crunch Pak

“United Fresh Produce Association is an industry leader. We rely on your help to increase our success in the political arena. FreshPAC ensures your voice is being heard, and that the future of fresh produce is bright.”
Sarah Frey-Talley, President, Frey Farms, LLC

“You and your fellow employees represent the American economy and as such, are uniquely positioned to advocate on behalf of the very issues that impact U.S. jobs. United FreshPAC unites our supply chain, giving us a greater impact on those that are elected.”
Brian Kocher, President and CEO, Castellini Company LLC

“FreshPAC allows our employees to participate in a meaningful way in the political process. By pooling voluntary contributions through the PAC, you support federal candidates who understand and support our industry, and who are committed to creating an environment where we can prosper and continue to create jobs.”
Aaron Fox, Executive Vice President, Fox Packaging

“FreshPAC advances United Fresh’s legislative agenda. Sitting down with a House or Senate member at a table with only a handful of other attendees during a PAC event gives us a unique opportunity express our views on our issues unburdened by interruptions.”
Alex Jackson, Senior Account Manager, Frieda's, Inc.

“The fresh produce industry faces challenges in the public policy arena that impact our day to day operations. We must be actively involged in the PAC, as it is an important part of protecting our business interests and the industry as a whole. Your support to the PAC is critical to our success."
Michael Muzyk, President, Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc.

“At any given time, there are a million issues impacting our country, our industry, your employees and our families. Many of these issues are regulated and decided upon by our government. It is our duty to put the best candidates into office.”
Will Steele, President & CEO, Frontera Produce

“Active engagement in United FreshPAC can happen at many levels. We have investment levels that fit into everyone’s budget and any support is greatly appreciated. Pick what you are comfortable for you and consider the reoccurring payment option to break up the sum over the course of the year.”
Lisa Strube, Director of Finance & Administration, Strube Celery & Vegetable Company