Strengthening The Industry 365 

The United Fresh Political Action Committee (United FreshPAC) is an opportunity for the produce industry to help elect, and re-elect pro-produce candidates. It is vital that the produce industry participates in growing a successful PAC to give our industry a voice and actively work to advance the produce industry's interest.

PACs impact elections. When like-minded people demonstrate their engagement in the political process, our legislators listen. By contributing to United FreshPAC you remind candidates that the produce industry touches every community in the nation 365 days a year!


Q: Why does United have a PAC?

United FreshPAC was formed to advance the agenda of the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, and is regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  As an Association, United Fresh is prohibited from using our general treasury funds to make contributions in connection with a federal election. However, we are permitted to establish a political action committee; United FreshPAC is funded solely by voluntary individual and personal contributions to support candidates.  


Q: What is United FreshPAC's Mission?

The mission of the United Fresh Government Relations department is to identify issues of importance to the industry and inform Congress to ensure our point of view is clearly understood. United FreshPAC is an essential tool in achieving our association's mission. We invite you to get off the bench!


Q: What Candidates Do You Support, Can I see?

100% of United FreshPAC funds support Members of Congress who support the fresh fruit and vegetable industry on issues important to United Fresh members. United FreshPAC is a multi-candidate, non-partisan political action committee. All contributions to candidates are listed on our PAC website here and disclosed to the FEC quarterly. It is vital that the produce industry participates in growing a successful PAC to give our industry a voice and actively work to advance the produce industry's interest. Invest in United FreshPAC today.


Q: What Are the Criteria for United FreshPAC Contributions to Candidates?

United FreshPAC funds are used solely for the purpose of contributing directly to federal candidates. United FreshPAC is bipartisan and supports candidates whose positions and decisions impact the produce industry. The following factors are taken into account when contributing to candidates:

  • Candidate support of issues important to United Fresh members;
  • Candidate committee assignment
  • Candidate voting record and past leadership on produce related issues


Q: Who Can Contribute to United FreshPAC?

According to Federal Election Commission regulations, any salaried personnel that are U.S. citizens, including shareholders, retirees and family members.


Q: Can I pay with a corporate check or credit card?

No. All contributions must be personal, not corporate. 


Q: How Much Should I Contribute?
Contribution amounts are a personal decision and completely voluntary.  United FreshPAC Investment Levels are only ideas.


Can I Make Monthly Contributions?

Yes, if you would like to divide a contribution into multiple payments simply select the "Recurring Contribution" option here. You have the ability to select monthly, quarterly or twice a year whatever is the most convenient for you.


Q: When was United FreshPAC formed?
In 1976, United FreshPAC was established to promote United Fresh member company involvement in the political process, to give United FreshPAC members a forum to support candidates for U.S. Congress, and elect officials who are supportive of the produce industry. 

For additional information or questions please contact Angela Tiwari, Director, Grassroots & Political Action [email protected] or 202.303.3416.