Designed to provide you a simple way to personally support United FreshPAC, demonstrate your commitment to public policy and become a year-around champion of the fresh produce industry.

Political Insider Investment Levels are based on cumulative annual giving in a calendar year. Members are able to fulfill their commitment with payments over the course of one year. Each level receives their specific special benefits plus all benefits of lower levels*.

Presidential: $5,000

  • Invitation to an exclusive Congressional event in 2020-21 (Retreat and/or Special Event)
  • Special recognition at all United FreshPAC events throughout the next calendar year
  • Receive a personalized unique and handsome George Washington gavel. This exquisite reproduction of the gavel President George Washington used to lay the Capitol cornerstone in 1793, has been molded from marble of the original U.S. House of Represenetive wing steps.

Cabinet: $2,500

  • Private Power of FreshPAC Briefing with Special Guest 
  • Complimentary spouse invitation to all United FreshPAC events
  • Personal Spotlight on United FreshPAC website and electronic newsletter
  • Elegant crystal U.S. Constitution Bowl*

Capitol: $1,000

  • Invitation to the FreshPAC Major Contributor Dinner. An exceptional evening with a key Member of Congress. This special dinner is in in conjunction with the Power of Fresh Day on Capitol Hill.
  • Engage with top policy experts on a quarterly Political Insider web conference regarding timely issues impacting the fresh produce industry
  • Receive a United States Capitol flown Flag, personalized flag display case and keepsake Certificate of Authenticity by the Architect of the Capitol.*

Congressional: $500

  • Attend the signature United FreshPAC Reception & Dinner at the annual Washington Conferences.
  • Participate in United FreshPAC Tela-Town Halls with Key Member of Congress that are on the forefront of our issues
  • Recognition in the FreshPAC annual report
  • A special gift from the U.S. Capitol*

Advocate: $250

  • Recognition at the United Fresh convention
  • Receive a quarterly electronic report from the United Fresh Government Relations Team
  • Special listing on the United FreshPAC website
  • Receive a United FreshPAC lapel pin

Supporter: $100

  • Annual Report on United FreshPAC activities
  • Receive a United FreshPAC ribbon at all United Fresh events as recognition for your support.


*When noted special signature gift is not included at the higher level

**Spouse tickets are included at the Cabinet and Presidential levels for all United FreshPAC activities. At all other levels spouse priced ticket options are available for special events.